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helping creative + passionate women in business rebrand to create a brand they love so they can follow their dreams with confidence. 

We are here to serve you and your brand in every way we can.
It is our mission to create a brand that really feels like home, reflect who you truly are and gives you the confidence to reach for the stars.
We want to help you follow your dreams and your live with passion and purpose.

4 things we can help you with


A brand that feels like you 


You have been DIYing your brand and website for a while now. You have tried all the templates and samples, but they don't quite feel like you. Don't worry hun, we have all been there. Together we will design a brand that is a direct reflection of you and your business values. We will help make your brand feel like home.


Here at Bliss and Tassel our seamless design process allows us to dig into the heart of your business. Together we will dive into why you do what you do and who you truly serve. This allows us to take a step back and focus on the foundations of your business to create something with meaning and purpose.

Finding the heart and purpose of your business

Let me guess you have spent a lot of time and money on DIYing your business? You’ve spent hours trying to figure out website templates that you don’t even like. You have spent your precious money on logos that don’t really reflect who you are or what you do. We have got you covered hun! Not only will you save time by letting us do the creative work, you will also save money by getting a brand you love so that you’re not rebranding every 2 minutes.

save your time and money


We all know if you don’t have a brand style you love, you won’t have the confidence to share it with the world. Through working one on one, we will create a brand that you can proudly call your own and give you the confidence to share it with the world. Allowing you to reach for the stars, build that confidence and grow your biz.

grow your business with confidence

I'm Jacinta, a candle and tassel earring lover that is passionate about creating and designing. As a young entrepreneur, my mission is to help all you female entrepreneurs out there do what you love so you can be the best version of yourself.

My boutique design studio is here to help you tell your unique brand story, through elegant custom branding and design.

Here at Bliss and Tassel we believe that:
• design is one of the best ways to endorse your brand
• elegance and simplicity is where beauty lies
• finer details set you apart from your competitors
• great design is blissfully clean and simple

I want to help you create a  brand that really feels like home so that you can go rock your girlboss biz with confidence.



Jasmine Williams | Jasmine Williams Media

“As a 'solopreneur', I often work with other creatives to help me deliver top-notch service to my clients. Jacinta created a landing page website for a client of mine and she knocked it out of the park. With little direction, she was able to deliver a polished, professional product that totally captured my client's brand. She was also super helpful with explaining the technical aspects of the website to ensure the hand-off was smooth. I would recommend Jacinta for any creative business owner in need of website design or branding services!”

"Jacinta has extremely strong customer service skills and always went out of her way to meet customers needs. Jacinta has a great work ethic and was always conscientious and on time. Jacinta has been a loyal employee and a great support to me. It has been a pleasure to have Jacinta on my team and I am happy to highly recommend her."

Caroyln Munro |  PARC

"Jacinta was a dream to work with! She helped me develop a series of icons to describe my new program the Sensitive Soul's Business Academy that make my sales page SO MUCH EASIER TO UNDERSTAND. It used to be a wall of text and now it has beautiful icons that make it easy for potential students to understand what they'll learn at the academy. She was so easy to work with!! She created a beautiful series with clean lines that are both elegant and easy to understand. Oh and it was really fast too! Took her less than a week to perfect them!! Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't have time to learn Adobe but needs some more beauty and clarity on their website!!"

Bryn Bamber  | The Courage Compass


I specialise in building beautiful customised branding just for you! I offer full logo and brand styling services. I also design elegant Showit websites that will be tailored to you and your brand. Just in case that isn't enough, I also create marketing materials to really step your game up in the girlboss world.

 If you're a business owner looking to build a brand that truly feels like home then we are a perfect match! We work together to ensure your brand is a reflection of you, your values and your story.

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