Bliss and Tassel is a boutique digital design studio for creative and passionate women in the girlboss business. We are here to help you build a brand you truly love and tell your unique story through elegant custom designs. We want you feeling confident knowing you have a professional and cohesive brand that reflects who you are and what you do.

If you feel like:
• Your current brand and website doesn’t reflect you or your business
• Your branding lacks meaning and purpose
• You’re wasting time and money DIYing it yourself
• You don’t have the confidence to share you brand with the world

Hun, you are in the right place! Together we will work alongside each other to make sure your brand is the best it can be. Together we are going to make your brand feel like home.

But wait!!! you don't know anything about me yet... well let me fill you in a little. 

I am currently a girlboss travelling the world, but my home is Melbourne, Australia. Last year I finished my double degree in teaching and arts. While being a teacher was great, the idea of being stuck in a 9-5 or in a teacher's case a 8-7 job, just wasn't what I wanted for my life. I wanted to travel , see and experience the world!

I have always been creative and someone that thinks visually,and it wasn't until I came across The Bucketlist Bombshells that I realised I CAN travel and be creative at the same time.

Then BAM! I was on the whirlwind to starting my own business and here we are, up and running right in front of your eyes.
I guess you are wondering how I got the name Bliss and Tassel. Well between you and me, I was just looking at my desk hoping I would come up with something that was witty and cool, so everyone would think it was amazing. Then I looked around my room and saw my jewellery tray with my tassel earrings and my fav vanilla candle. I thought to myself if I could take a snapshot of who I am, I think tassel earrings and candles are it! These are my bliss! Tassel earrings shows off my creative and fun side while the candle reflects my humble and down to earth nature. From there on in I couldn't get the name Bliss and Tassel out of my head!

Anyways... I would love to keep chatting but I probably should stop before you get bored.
If you would like to chat more about how we can get started on working together then sign up for a free Brand Direction Call coffee chat.

Hey hun,
I'm Jacinta! 

i want to talk more!

who's that girl?





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